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Ungrateful - The Movie

Miss Milly places all of her hopes and investments into her only son Sam. While on internship in Miami, Florida, Sam meets Robin, a beautiful American woman and falls deeply in love with her. There will be trouble in paradise as this newly engaged couple goes on a truly life changing vacation to Sam’s home in The Bahamas.

Christmas At The E.R.

Join the three wise men as they follow the star that will lead them to a Bahamian emergency room. See how a group of complete strangers from a Christmas Ball all end up at the same hospital with similar symptoms. Watch as they unwrap the gift of the nativity story.

Flight 242 - Stageplay

Bahamians rarely follow the laws in their own land but quickly align themselves when crossing international borders; in particular The United States. Flight 242 exposes Bahamians as they frequently travel to and from Miami, Florida daily overspending and falsifying customs declaration.

About dario Erics

Dario Erics is an up and coming Bahamian producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, and entrepreneur.


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