Dario Erics’ Story

Conquoring fears and taking off toward destiny


The vision


At the age of four Dario recalled having an unexplainable interest for the stage and television. He would have dreams of his name outlined on the back of the director’s chair, not quite understanding how it all would unfold.


Dario grew up closely with his maternal grandmother who instilled in him the biblical teachings that would steer his course of life. To this end each of the plays and skits written by Dario would have a subtle but firm moral lesson guided by christian principles.
People around Dario would erupt in laughter and emotions when listening to his stories.

captured by fear



Like Jonah in the scriptures, Dario ran from his purpose as far as he could, terrified and unsure if he could handle such a gift. His personality was that of an introvert and his talent was so far fetched. He then pursue aviation and obtain his commercial pilot’s license but as fate would have it he then returned to his career in banking.


Dario always said that everything happens for a reason and he believe God would have allowed him to experience aviation and banking to help him communicate and learn the fundamentals of people and that of running his finances both personally and in business.

The takeoff


In his later teen years Dario would write skits for his then banking employer where he would inspire his peers and coworkers in their morning devotionals.

Many of which would tell him that his five minutes skits were good enough to be expanded into a stage play. He then continued to write and inspire everyone that he would entertain through his craft.

In 2013 Dario expanded on one of his mini skits he had written for his former banking employer, into a stage play that is now widely known as “A Wedding in Nassau”.

This stage plays was a resounding success and tickets were quickly sold out.

Dario could not believe his first stage play was such a success! He always thought that people would not take him serious with a major production. He had no experience on the big stage and everything he did, he felt as if God had downloaded it into him. With minimum help and no budget, his faith grew stronger.

The following year Dario then wrote, directed and produced another stage play called Flight 242 & Ten Commandments. This was another instant hit. Dario was onto something.

It was because of the success of these two stage plays, Dario was invited by to write and direct short skits to be performed live on television for the entire summer of 2014 by The Counselors Ltd., the company that produces Bahamas at Sunrise tv show.

This helped Dario in his writing as most of the skits produced carried over and picked up the following week. It was like he had his first tv sitcom. People turned in by the thousands each week to watch and cheer on.

All of his fans were excited to see what was next. In 2016 Dario wrote, directed and produced his third major stage play called Christmas at The E.R.

He stepped it up a notch in this production by adding a pre-recorded scene with the lead role in the scene acted by the Honorable Branville McCartney.

This stage play was the life of the yuletide season in 2016. The reruns continued to play on OUR TV in The Bahamas into 2017.
The Bahamas was longing for something new and different. A new kid was on the block. The deal was sealed in 2017 when Dario revamped one of his old stage plays which was then called A Mother’s Cry. The new name that he gave the stage play was Boy Das Ya Mar which is slang for “Boy that’s your mother”.
Due to the success of his stage plays, Dario was lead to transition from stage to screen with his first film, “Ungrateful”. The film is about Sam (Nathan J. Burrows) who falls in love with an American woman named Robin (Charaé Sands) while completing his college studies in The United States. He forsakes his family in The Bahamas, ignoring his mother, Miss Milly (Tamara Simms) and three sisters; Tanya, Rita and Heather.
Ungrateful The Movie was released at a Gala Premier Event at Atlantis, Bahamas on Saturday, 12th May 2018 at 7:30pm.

what’s to come

Now, that his talent is being unraveled at the pleasure of Jehovah his father, you can prepare to be blown away. It is his mandate to bring more joy and laughter to those that watch his productions. You have only seen a taste of what he has to offer.
It is his desire to one day collaborate with Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey and become one of the vital trail blazers in further developing the film and stage play industry in The Bahamas.

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