Gala Premier Event


Atlantis Theatre
Convention Center Rotunda,
Between Coral and Beach Towers
Paradise Island, The Bahamas



VIP Red Carpet & Cocktails: 6:00PM
Movie Screening: 7:30PM
After Party: 9:00PM

Miss Milly (Tamara Marie Simms) places all of her hopes and dreams into her only son Sam (Nathan J. Burrows). Miss Milly invests all of her life savings and remortgages her beautiful home, expecting Sam to return home and pave the way back to her financial freedom and an early retirement.

Sam felt that his mother’s expectations were too high. It was difficult enough growing up as a biracial young man living in a single parent home with his three sisters, all with different fathers. While on internship in Miami, Florida, Sam meets Robin (Charae’ Sands), a beautiful American woman and falls deeply in love with her.

There will be trouble in paradise as this newly engaged couple goes on a truly life changing vacation to Sam’s Home in The Bahamas.


Meet The Cast


"Miss Millie"

"Miss Millie"

Tamara Sims

Struggling mother of four. Even though she had her children for different men and was never married, she counts them all as blessings.



Nathan J. Burrows

Accomplished biracial son of Miss Millie
eager to build a new life for himself
anywhere else but home. He is strong willed and independent
like his mother.



Charaé Sands

Sam’s beautiful American woman who finds refuge and love in her island man. She knows what she wants and is not about to let anyone, including Sam’s mother get in the way.



Atlantis Theatre
Paradise Island, The Bahamas
Saturday, May 12th 2018

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